Alfie the Dalmatian

Alfie (Caprilli's Clowning Around) is a Dalmatian, who joined us as a puppy on 11th July 2004

Caprilli's Fancy Me at Millview gave birth to a litter of 6 Dalmatian puppies on the 20th May 2004.  Much time and effort is put into choosing the right Sire for the litter and in the case of the Caprilli C litter, Fancy travelled across Europe to be mated with Fin. JW.03  Rus. Jun.Ch. Rus. Ch. Alphadirato Copyright.

One sixth of the result was Alfie (Caprilli's Clowning Around)

Alfie is a black spotted Dalmatian, he has a white face with beautiful  spotting on his ears. He has been BAER hearing tested normal in both ears.

Alfie has so far led a full and active life, attending dog shows as a youngster and later travelling with us on holiday to France. Nothing phases our wonderful boy, just as long as he is the center of attention. He is certainly the center of our world.

At 6 years old he's learnt to bounce backwards away from his food to the command "back", instead of just turning round and walking away, then sitting (he refuses to take his eye off his food!), he stays sitting down and bounces back to where we want him to be!!

Here's a video of him on YouTube in action, please click here and hit the like button to say you like it for Alfie.

Caprilli Dalmatian puppys are home bred by Stephanie Yates and are given a wonderful start in life - click here for more information on Caprilli Dalmatians.